‘Pink Money’….a bonus to Jamaica’s Tourism earnings?

An open post to the Jamaican Minister of Tourism & Entertainment.
Dear Honourable Minister:

I note your ongoing efforts to increase our tourism earnings and I have an idea for you. How about targeting the gay tourism market?

The December 6, 2008, issue of The Economist magazine has an interesting article on Argentina’s foray into the lucrative gay tourism market. The article notes that the gay tourist spends about three times as much as the average person during his/her vacation. They refer to the foreign exchange earned from their spending as ‘pink money’.

I know that your efforts in specifically targeting this segment of the market will meet with much opposition. But, Minister, being the articulate person that you are, I suspect you will eventually win over the naysayers – even those in the Cabinet, some of whom may be part of said group.

In these difficult economic times, ‘going pink’ may help to get our finances ‘in the black’.

Tene lupum auribus (take the wolf by the ears), Minister.



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