When Political Fantasy Meets Economic Reality

An article from the Jamaica Gleaner (www.jamaica-gleaner.com)

Former PNP Minister of Government Claude Claude gives his take on the reasons why we have had and will continue to have spectacular government failures in the economic sphere.




by Claude Clarke, Contributor

Nine months after it was swept into office on a promise to solve Jamaica’s unemployment problems with jobs by the ‘JEEP-load’, we are left to wonder if the PNP’s message is about to outstrip the JLP’s ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’ mantra of 2007 as the epitome of empty election promises.

With unemployment on the rise, the PNP’s JEEP, like the JLP’s 2007 jobs pledge, has been shown to be devoid of economic reality, with no greater depth than the breath needed to mouth the acronym.

The JLP’s blithe embrace of the previous administration’s macroeconomic policies following its 2007 election victory demonstrated an ignorance of our dire economic circumstances, which might explain why it made no attempt to change course until well into 2009, when it finally woke up to the reality of the global financial crisis….(Read more)


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