Because something has a name of authority stamped on it, doesn’t mean we can’t question the findings. One may come to the same conclusions, draw different inferences or develop a new set of question, perhaps of even more depth. This article does all that and more in analyzing a Report on Teaching in America sponsored by the Gates Foundation

The Grumpy Giraffe

Education is a bizarre arch-nemesis. Politicians like to pan-handle voters with serenades of education reforms claimed to be revolutionary. Parents claim that education is the most important, but constantly criticize the profession of teaching, especially when teachers get their collective bargaining rights stripped away from them. Is education a friend or foe? No one is sure.

From what I gather, education today is that rich kid you don’t really like at school, but you try to befriend him anyway because he gets you into the best clubs in town.

After decades of angry parents and agonized teachers, the Gates Foundation believes they have found the key ingredients to making a great teacher.

To summarize, the Foundation combined test scores, student survey evaluations, value-added stat measures, and peer and principal evaluations to form an overall score for said teacher.

In Layman’s terms from Reddit (but cleaned for vulgarity):

  • Teach to the test.

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