Free Market Should win over Government Control

In another well reasoned essay Jaana Woiceshyn lecturer at the Haskayne School of Business at the Univ of Calgary, makes it clear how and why free market economics are moral; and how government interference, though “controls” to create a mixed system in markets, curtails rationality and moral behaviour, and decreases productivity and efficiency.


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5 Responses to Free Market Should win over Government Control

  1. ryan59479 says:

    This leaves a bad taste in my mouth for two reasons. 1) This all depends upon what you define as “moral,” and morality in general seems a very subjective concept, and 2) It presupposes that human beings only innovate for monetary reward.

    • The fallacy of your reasons is that 1) govt thru controls wants to ensure “morality”….who gave govt authority to define “morality”? ….2) monetary reward is not the aim, but to respond to demand. If you can’t meet the demand, someone else will and I would be out of work/business….additionally material gain is a by-product of a free market…it’s all about exchange of good and service. The money only facilitates that exchange.

      • ryan59479 says:

        Not to be argumentative, but never once did I assert that government regulation was an equally or more successful alternative to free markets in terms of economics or morality. In fact, I wasn’t speaking at all to the validity of the free market system as a whole; rather I was responding to the validity of the arguments set forth in the article.

      • Morality is an argument politicians use to justify most of their actions, especially when it comes to economic activity….i think the writer is arguing that nothing can be more ‘moral’ than the free market

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