Why is the Govt going after the Office of the Contractor General?



In his column today in the Jamaica Observer, veteran columnist Ken Chaplin highlights the danger of Government action in trying to de-fang the Office of the Contractor General (OCG). The reason for this action the government claims is that the OCG has been ‘a hindrance to Jamaica’s development.’

Now I ask Jamaicans….who among you believes that the OCG is a culprit in Jamaica’s lack of economic progress? Do these government operatives “tek big man fi eediat?”

I would think that there is near universal consensus among Jamaicans that the actions of the Government of Jamaica and activities by parties on both sides of the political divide (condoned by our leadership) have without doubt, been the MAJOR reason for our economic stagnation and social decline.

The OCG has been the only entity that has attempted to rein in the corrupt activities of the state. However, the government now appears hell bent to continue business as usual, as in their minds, there is no authority greater than them. International non-profit organization Transparency International (www.transparency.org), has consistently ranked Jamaica in the lower half of the countries of the worlds went it comes to the Corruption Perception Index. (Year : Position/No. of countries ranked–2009: 99th/180 ; 2010: 87th/178 ;2011: 86th/183; 2012: 83rd/176)

In weakening the OCG, will Jamaica become less corrupt in the business of governance? Clearly not, as the government will have more power to harm the average citizen, and be limitless in their ability to fatten the already bulky pockets of the wealthy and elite classes, who finance them.

K Fiennes


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