To Whom Do We Write

I would have provided an opening introduction of sorts, but I found the short bio about us writers here at RightFromYaad (check the “OUR WRITERS” page) to be quite sufficient. Our purpose for this blog has also been defined, and it is in the framing of that definition, that I present my first contribution.
In my devotional reading last week, I came across the following excerpt from Lewis Bayly’s The Practice of Piety:
“One who hopes to effect any good by his writings, must be so pure in his life, that what he proposes for instruction or imitation must be a transcript of his own heart. Serious works, meant to reform the careless, are read only by those who already are serious, and disposed to assent to what such works set forth.”
So… shall we,
“Write down to the capacity of the weak and slenderly informed, or write up to the taste of the intellectual portion of them?”
The above excerpt serves as a notice to us writers on this blog to manage our expectations, and a reminder to let our actions reinforce our written words, lest we become no better than the intellectuals who choose to prop up successive ineffective defunct governments, by voting with their ‘feelings‘ and/or ‘emotions‘ and/or ‘nationalistic pride’, superseding reason.
Are we dreamers, rebels, renaissance men, ‘out-of-the-box’ thinkers? No. I dare say we are merely realists, objectivists even, who long to see a different reality for our beloved country, Jamaica. Shall you join with us as we strive to remove the shackles from the minds, blinkers from the eyes, and misplaced pride from the hearts of our country men? 
Welcome to RightFromYaad.
Legal Alien

About RightFromYaad

A view from "the Right", as a source of ideas to create a new vision of freedom and what it promises for Jamaicans, to counter the tyranny of the status quo of Jamaica's reality since 1962. Website: Email: Twitter : @rightfromyaad Facebook:
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