Politics and Magical Thinking in Jamaica


I read this article from Capitalism Magazine a few months ago and I am now sharing it with you. It highlights how politicians’ warped beliefs spurn their decision making and misunderstanding of consequences of these decisions. Why shouldn’t business just fall in line with their new tax impositions? Why do these wicked businessmen (and women) resist our requirements of them? Why are they trying to protect themselves?

I used the article as a preface to this brief essay.



by Kavon Fiennes

In my opinion ‘magical thinking‘ is a major part of Jamaica’s problems. We believe we can just pray the problems of the nation away, hence our annual farce called a national prayer breakfast; or just by decree, our PM and Ministers believe that things will magically change, without seriously enacting reforms in taxation, ease of doing business, etc.

We have declared ourselves a “Christian” country. We have the most churches per sq. mile, more than any other country on Earth. Why haven’t our fortunes changed? I put it to you that ‘magical thinking’ is part of the DNA structure of the Jamaican politicians and I will give you just a few recent examples that come readily to mind….

The incumbent government promised in the lead up to the 2011 election that 1) JEEP would be the way to economic prosperity, that has not materialized;  also 2) the ‘Jamaica Employ’ program which the Most Hon. PM launched in 2012, asked entrepreneurs and businesses (I am guessing from the JMA, JEF and PSOJ) to hire just “one Jamaican”; 3) and let’s not forget a former Minister’s ‘Cassava Project’….and of course with all of this ‘magical thinking‘… Presto Change-o!…Abracadabra!…Hocus Pocus!….things like unemployment, poverty and our high food importation bill would be history and our woes would be solved.

When can we get some people who are devoted to principles, reason and objectivity to save us from this cursed lot?



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4 Responses to Politics and Magical Thinking in Jamaica

  1. Hilaire Sobers says:

    I agree – nothing has retarded Jamaica’s development like religiosity and magical thinking.

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