Is the Government of Jamaica Acting Illegally? Part III


by Kavon Fiennes

The Government of Jamaica will be taking depositors’ contributions from the National Housing Trust (NHT) legally, by passing a bill to amend the NHT Act in short order, authorizing the board of NHT to be able to pay money over to the government whenever such a request is made.

I have made two previous posts, in Parts I and Part II on this issue, outlining the illegal nature of the draw down of NHT funds by the government based on existing statutes; and the immoral basis of the move, without consultation with contributors.

As far as we at RightFromYaad are concerned, whether legal or not, this action by the State is a fundamental breach of Natural Law, and cannot be condoned under any circumstances.  Can you imagine passing a law that allows for say slavery, for example, to be made legal again? Simply because an activity is legal, does not equate to such action being just or moral!

We are entering unchartered territory, and we must be mindful of what may be in store for Jamaican citizens in the future. What is to prevent the government passing a Bill in parliament in the years to come, authorizing the seizure of citizens’ property or bank deposits for the purpose of ‘saving the nation’?

What the government is actually doing is summed up in the above cartoon from Clovis in today’s Jamaica Observer.


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