We Have Nothing More To Sacrifice

An article from the Sunday Gleaner

We will preface Mr. Robinson’s column in today’s Sunday Gleaner with this Ayn Rand quote: “It only stands to reason that where there’s sacrifice, there’s someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there’s service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master.”



by Gordon Robinson, Gleaner Contributor


I’m sick and tired of government apologists continually filling valuable newspaper space and broadcast time with a remarkable resemblance to the good old-fashioned singalong with Mitch Miller and The Gang to the tune of ‘There’s No Alternative to The IMF’.

If that’s true, why did the IMF spend more than a year trying to ram their policies down our throats? If there’s no alternative, why didn’t we just ask for instructions over a year ago and implement them like the meek and mild sheep those same apologists want us to be? Why did our prime minister insist she had a Plan B?

As usual, this ballyhooed ‘IMF path’ comes with yet another of a series of exhortations to ‘sacrifice’. I’m sick and tired of being told to ‘sacrifice’ by people who’ve just ensured they don’t have to do the same. This time around, we’re being asked to ‘sacrifice’ by so-called leaders who rushed to import luxury SUVs, practically tax-free and soon to be personally acquired, before the IMF-imposed restriction on tax waivers could take effect.

But we, the ‘most vulnerable’, must sacrifice. Sacrifice what? This just in, Government, we have NOTHING LEFT TO SACRIFICE!

I was drawn into myself

observing all this time.

From every angle I could see

my people, you’re meeting hell.

Brothers have turned to crime

so they die from time to time.

We’d like to ask you leaders

what have you got in mind.

Asking a security guard, operating on minimum wage, to sacrifice is like asking a stone to give blood. Sacrifice what? He or she can’t even afford the luxury (for them) of a fast-food burger. But they must listen to arrogant prattle about their leaders being kept in the manner to which they were allegedly previously accustomed? Why? If they were so comfortable before, why take the step ‘down’ to MP and then expect alleged prior comforts? Is it better to be asking others to sacrifice than to sacrifice?

The reason we’re being asked to ‘sacrifice’ is because no government, for 45 years, has acted responsibly or made any national sacrifice for the betterment of Jamaica. Governments have persistently encouraged pork-barrel politics; contract overruns; wastage and expenditure on lavish overseas trips with equivalent accommodation to such important national missions as the Olympics and Trinidad carnival.

Government has done so mainly on borrowed funds or raids of the Capital Development Fund for recurrent expenditure. Road trips to the ‘international capital markets’ have been promoted as grand achievements instead of proof that we were shamelessly living above our means with no intention of cutting back.

I see the fire spreading.

It’s getting hotter and hot.

The haves will want to be

in the shoes of the have-nots.

If the sign is on your door

then you will be saved for sure.

But, if you are in pretense,

you’re on the wrong side of the fence.

Suddenly, we find that market cut off unless we seek and obtain IMF approval for our future fiscal programme. Although I may differ on the details, all the IMF is telling us is that we must live within our means. The problem with the IMF option (yes, I used the ugly word ‘option’) is that it won’t accept that this can be done by other “means necessary” than it prescribes.

Money Down the Drain

The IMF has one purpose, which is to ensure the payment in full of our external debt. To that end, it is demanding (and Government seems willing to go along) the sacrifice (there’s that disgusting word again) of local bondholders who have invested their hard-earned, double- and triple-taxed income in the Government’s solemn promise to pay them a stated return. The Government has taken….(Read more)


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