I hope educators in Jamaica will get some of this into their heads…..

The Grumpy Giraffe

The public, like many politicians, tends to assume that they are experts in the field of education solely because they have been experiencing the effects of schooling for 13 years. It’s understandable, but surely nobody believes they are experts in web design after having spent a decade on Facebook.

Besides, education is so much more than just school: it’s about the home, the family, the community, the administrators, the trustees, the council, the board, the government, the world, the culture. To think that education exists mostly in the classroom is ironic: after all, we spend only 5 hours per day (1 hour is for recess and lunch), 5 days per week, in a classroom. Children and youth are educated through the media, through their friends, through socialization, even if that means learning not to go in front of someone in a line at the cashier.

However, it seems that the…

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