Here we go again! The Housing Bubble Part 2

Here we go again! The Housing Bubble Part 2


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3 Responses to Here we go again! The Housing Bubble Part 2

  1. satanforce says:

    And you haven’t said anything about Jamaica’s housing bubble? Come on son!

    • Don’t worry…I have one coming out on the use of force by law, thru the NHT mandatory contributions, that the govt uses to restrict housing in Jamaica. We don’t have a bubble, because we have a restricted supply….

      The NHT’s current functioning is immoral because not only is it involuntary, but the govt then restricts house construction having taken the money from us. When they do use the funds to build houses, it’s either for the poor who did not contribute to the NHT (; or for select contributors, i.e. “Public sector workers”, as PSM proclaimed this week (…..what of the others who pay into it? No houses for them?


  2. satanforce says:

    Sure! Lots of houses for us! As long as you have someone else to chip in another 4.5mill, never mind the bank mortgage you are going to have to take out anyway! And for what? On a good day you’re paying 9000 dollars per square foot.

    I get the feeling that there is active collusion among government. building developers and banks to keep prices high, instead of providing low income housing for school leavers, civil servants and other people who’ve paid in their share. Houses should be around 4500 a square foot the way things are right now. We have left neo-liberalism (1989 to 1997) and headed straight to Crony Capitalism. At least we’re keeping with America in something other than athletics.

    One of the main problems I feel, is that Jamaican professionals are too conservative with their ambitions. In this case our architects and urban planners do not want to build the type of housing that would be appropriate, or forward-thinking, but instead build bigger and bigger tenement yards. Eventually some white or Chinese foreigner will come in, start building concrete domes or skyscrapers, or whatever, and he or she will be hailed as a genius for doing what our people should have had been doing since independence.

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