Government: the Tyranny of Power


Government is a constant threat to the individual rights and liberty of every person subject to its authority.  All one needs to do to understand this is to remember that the government is nothing more than a group of people charged with conducting the people’s business.  Just as the CEO or the lowest employee of a large business can both violate the trust of those who own that business, so too can the highest leaders and lowest workers in government violate the public trust.  It is a fact of human nature that the majority of people are susceptible to succumbing to the allure of the wealth and power inevitably connected to those in the highest positions of government.  Whether for money, power or the ability to use government policy to create a utopian dream, everyone who enters into public service is subject to abusing the trust placed in them.  The…

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A view from "the Right", as a source of ideas to create a new vision of freedom and what it promises for Jamaicans, to counter the tyranny of the status quo of Jamaica's reality since 1962. Website: Email: Twitter : @rightfromyaad Facebook:
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