MILTON FRIEDMAN Free To Choose: “Who Protects the Worker?”

Unions sometimes protect some workers – their members – but usually at the expense of other workers. Government protects its employees and special groups of workers at the expense of other workers.

Both unions and government restrict freedom. Friedman explains how the competition of employers for the talents of workers leads to the highest wages and best working conditions.


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5 Responses to MILTON FRIEDMAN Free To Choose: “Who Protects the Worker?”

  1. Loved your article!


    • Thank you….Friedman is too logical for most to understand.

      • That is why our president was able to double the national debt in 5 years …. and they still want to blame Bush …. if Bush was bad, then twice as bad is what?

      • But it could not be….Bush’s legacy is so rotten it could never be undone (please note my sarcasm) by the wonder boy. Hope and Change anyone? More like, more of the same….Despair and Disappointment.

      • More like worse and worst. Bush made a lot of mistakes.

        But, he did not overthrow Egypt, Libya, Syria, and the list goes on ….

        And we had jobs, even though the Democrats forced a depression on US.

        That is right, the same Geitner they want to promote again for failing again ….

        Sarcasm? We should give our traitors to United States of China, China would sell their body parts to help pay off some of their debt they placed on US.

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