How to end poverty

Every time I read an article from this blog site – How to be Profitable and Moral – I can’t help but think that Hayek and Friedman are still alive. Their legacy must be perpetuated.

Here Jaana Woiceshyn gives the only route out of poverty for individuals in any society. Any other route is bound to have undesirable and unintended consequences. She channels Hayek and Friedman in her analysis. I would like to know which of the 2 men had (if any) the greater influence on her.

How to be Profitable and Moral: A Rational Egoist Approach to Business

In a recent column  Andrew Coyne reported on a newly released statistic: Canada’s poverty rate had almost halved in 15 years since 1996, suggesting that such news would be a cause for celebration. However, this drop in poverty is not good enough for the anti-poverty NGOs. In published commentary and letters to the editor, their members demanded commitment and concrete action by the federal government to end poverty, now, for the four million Canadians who according to these writers are afflicted by it.

Without getting into the definition of the poverty line (there seems to be a whole industry focused on it), let’s ask: how can we end poverty, not just in Canada, a relatively wealthy industrialized country, but anywhere in the world? While recognizing that there is no magic wand to wipe out poverty overnight, I will argue that it is possible to end poverty and increase prosperity…

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