Rand identifies the true nature of racism.


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6 Responses to AYN RAND-RACISM

  1. Interesting as far as Rand’s interpretation of racism. Her consideration of capitalism as the absolute answer to racism is, however, flawed. If only that were the true answer. Capitalism is a zero sum game. Moreover, it was capitalism that fostered slavery, and we know where that has led to.
    Anyway, please take a look at my recently published ebook In Through A Coloured Lens, at Amazon.com. There is a free sample reading there as well. It’s available for Kindle as well as for computer and ipad downloads.

    • Unfortunately your statements are through misinformation. How could Capitalism, which only started in the late 1700s, be responsible for slavery which was in existence for thousands of years since biblical times? FYI…the trans-Atlantic slave trade also preceded Capitalism. The role of Capitalism is glaringly obvious to me and most objectivists, the answer is right before you and you don’t want to see it….in less than one hundred years of the practice and inclusion of “Capitalism” in American and European governance and economics, slavery became illegal and was ABOLISHED! Secondly, your “zero sum game” comment indicates your viewing lens is truly coloured.

      • The term “capitalism” has a point of origin, the practice of human exploitation by other humans has, as you point out, a much longer history. Whatever rosy aspirations those who configured this particular theory and practice of human and resource exploitation may have had is sadly, detrimentally polluted by greed and othering. So the point is really about human exploitation. The same goes, by the way, for so many other ‘isms’. I wouldn’t consider capitalist piety any better or worse than communist piety since human nature is really at the core of where we find ourselves in this imperfect world.
        It really is something to look at all the ways individuals and groups in the African diaspora seek to come to terms with the dismal place in which we are located in this world and have been for half a millennium in the modern era. We personalize the condition, we objectify it, we try make our brothers and sisters into ‘others’, we institute pan Africanism, we become angry, we develop hypertension and depression. On and on as we try to resolve this torment in our midst.
        To the other matter, which is to remain teachable: If one’s goal is to enlighten and inform, what is effective is to share the knowledge or information one possess, as you are doing. This can allow productive dialog with others who are open to learning. It also works better then a colonialist ‘my knowledge superior/your (lack of) knowledge inferior’ dichotomy. So, it may be advisable to rethink the approach that produces statements such as: “The role of Capitalism is glaringly obvious to me and most objectivists, the answer is right before you and you don’t want to see it…”
        See also patriarchy.

      • Thank you for your additional comments which do not even start to address the origin of capitalism. Your argument lacks power. At the root of Capitalism is human freedom, PERIOD. Not exploitation as you appear to have been conditioned to believe.

        The fact that ones skin cells produce pigment is irrelevant. Think with your astrocytes and not your melanocytes.

      • Ideologies are great intellectual exercises. There is nonetheless stark difference between any ideology in the pristine environment of the page and when humans seek to apply those ideals in the midst of our human nature, more specifically our baser human nature. Not even religions, which profess a love of God, have been able to fully accomplish this great task. If only there were one all encompassing answer for how to make the world better.
        As the international economy becomes more unified, young people of today are tasked with finding a new paradigm going forward. However, while you keep fighting the good fight, be mindful of the hubris of thinking you have all the right answers. Anyway, it is clear that you mean well. I’ll leave you to it.

      • Once again I thank you for your comments and the debate. I don’t have the answers which is why I prefer the route of human freedom for people to find the answers for themselves, rather than for politicians to do so, who make decisions out of self interest under the veil of altruism.

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