MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry on collectivism

-Kavon Fiennes

If this public service announcement does not scare everyone then we are in serious trouble. What MSNBc’s Melissa Harris-Perry says in this clip appeals to emotion  and not reason and logic.

Why does the left appear to want to control everything?

There is no clearer evidence of the objectives of the functionaries of the left. Nothing of what you have is yours, not even your children. Their move towards collectivism is alive and thriving in the nation founded on individual liberty. Every nation/culture/civilization in the recorded history of mankind that has done this nonsense of forcing everyone into the collective has had total failure, usually and often, resulting in the deaths of millions.

Why does history keep repeating itself?

My wordpress co-blogger Joe Bakanovic replied to me thus on his posting about this same MHP clip:

                                                  “The reason history repeats is because the nature of man has not changed. And, when we understand this, it is one of the strongest condemnations against the collectivist idea that they can change human nature. The actual evidence testifies that they cannot. This means those who keep seeking to control are actually trying to change reality through the force of their will; to re-make the order of this universe. That, my friend, is original sin: replacing the things of God with ourselves. And — at least to MY understanding — this is why history repeats: because man is still trying to take God’s place.”

I think he is right. People you have to wake up and stop being lulled into a false sense of security by the left. What Melissa Harris-Perry said should scare you and NOT comfort you.


Kavon Fiennes is creator of the RightFromYaad blogHe is a 30-something year old ‘Black’, sometimes ‘Brown’, Jamaican. He is a former socialist, nationalist and Democrat, turned Libertarian and semi-conservative since his mid 20′s. He still holds lingering left-wing views on the way society ought to treat the destitute and elderly.


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A view from "the Right", as a source of ideas to create a new vision of freedom and what it promises for Jamaicans, to counter the tyranny of the status quo of Jamaica's reality since 1962. Website: Email: Twitter : @rightfromyaad Facebook:
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