Capitalism, cronyism, and poverty

Right From Yaad would dearly love to have a one-on-one with Jaana Woiceshyn, if just for a few hours to learn how it is she can easily write her articles regarding Capitalism, Freedom and Objectivism.

Ayn Rand appears to be her major influence.

If her principles are to be found in her excellent writing then I am sure the students of her classes in Business Ethics and subsequent grauduates of the Haskayne Business School, University of Calgary are definitely light-years ahead of our graduates from the UWI’s Mona School of Business, with all the left-wing nonsense purported and perpetuated from Kingston 7.

How to be Profitable and Moral: A Rational Egoist Approach to Business

In a recent Vancouver Province column “Capitalism has a role in fighting poverty,” Mark Milke takes Pope Francis to task, rightfully, for attacking capitalism while at the same time calling for eradication of poverty. Milke is correct in recognizing the role capitalism plays in eradicating poverty. However, capitalism not only “has a role” in fighting poverty: it is the only way to eradicate poverty. Government efforts at directing economies and “redistributing” income from those who produce to those who don’t (or to those who produce less) have never been successful at eliminating poverty. Witness the failed experiments at central planning in the former Soviet Union and China (and the famines that ensued), or the more recent long-term, failed redistribution schemes in bankrupt Greece and elsewhere in Southern Europe. Then consider relative free eras and regions of the world, such as the 19th century America and Hong Kong…

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