Don’t waste your time on envy

How to be Profitable and Moral: A Rational Egoist Approach to Business

Envy is one of the most useless of feelings, both in our private and business lives. Yet many people experience it, at least from time to time. They envy their neighbor’s fancy car and exotic vacations, or wealth in general.  They envy their friends’ educational achievements or the praise they receive for being high achievers. Or they envy their acquaintance’s acumen and success in business. The higher someone’s achievements, the more they are envied by others. Take “the 1%,” the top income earners in the world, for instance. I doubt that 99% of the people envy them—I certainly don’t—but many people do. Where does envy come from, and why is it a waste of time?

Envy is a thoroughly second-handed feeling. Instead of focusing on their own lives—how to make them better and how to achieve their goals through their own effort, enviers dwell on what others’ have and what…

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