About Right From Yaad

Created in January 2013, RightFromYaad is a blog from Jamaicans of conservative, right wing, right of centre leanings and libertarian political, social and economic views. It was created after much prompting from friends and colleagues who became frustrated with the quality of output from journalists and columnists in the Jamaican press.

Our group believes that we can, with a reasoned approach, present a case for an opposing view to the status quo as the way forward for Jamaican society. We hope to create a movement of change among individuals in Jamaica and the diaspora at large, to reject the systems that restrict freedoms of the common man. These systems, though well intended “to do good for the poor”, were created through coercive laws and activities of the state, for primarily political gain.

Operatives and officials of the state, as well as pseudo-intellectuals in society, have marketed the perverse system as “governance with a heart”, and the only way for the common man to work his way out of poverty. The effects, on the contrary, have been borne out over the last 40 odd years and clearly have been of more harm than any good to Jamaicans, as the State has become more burdensome on the lives of the average citizen.

RightFromYaad does not believe that Jamaicans can maximize their full potential under the existing status quo, enforced by our current political ‘masters’. Through this blog site with our varying opinions  we hope to use argument, to stir debate and through persuasion expand the minds of our fellow Jamaicans. With reason, citing and sharing sourced articles to explain fundamental principles, we hope others will embrace a philosophy of liberty and the free enterprise system of capitalism, as the fairest method of governance for all to achieve their full potential.


2 Responses to About Right From Yaad

  1. wildninja says:

    I love the ideas behind your blog! It’s refreshing to hear of a group of conservatives in another country banding together to speak out for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness– as well as conservative values. I’m especially impressed that you have a 19 year-old writer. What you’re doing takes backbone and who knows– your boldness and efforts might result in major positive changes for your island nation. And it could spread from there…

    • Wildninja,
      Thanks for your comment. That is the hoped outcome of the blog. We have already piqued the interest of a young Conservative Lipton Matthews, who is writing weekly for the blog. Mind you he gets his stuff published as letters to the editor of the local dailies.

      Looking forward to your continued visits to our sites and your comments!

      K Fiennes

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