Kavon Fiennes (Twitter: @Kavon2009): Creator of RightFromYaad, Kavon is a 30-something year old ‘Black’, sometimes ‘Brown’, Jamaican. He is a former socialist, nationalist and Democrat, turned Libertarian and semi-conservative since his mid 20’s. Though no longer a Democrat and declaring that he is not a Republican, Kavon would have voted for Ron Paul if he were a candidate in the 2012 election, and if he, Kavon, were an American citizen. He still holds lingering left-wing views on the way society ought to treat the destitute and elderly.

Cato Rand: Now in his mid 40’s Cato, a Black Jamaican of Libertarian, Conservative and Republican persuasion for well over 2 decades, has always wanted to be instrumental in exposing many young minds to alternatives to the Status Quo. He now has his outlet with RightFromYaad. He is a fervent believer in Capitalism, Freedom, the principles outlined by the US Constitution and its applicability to all peoples, including Jamaicans. He is also a strong advocate for the limited role that a government should play in the lives of people. He is losing favour with the statist and government-expansion inclinations of the GOP.

Lipton Matthews: With wisdom beyond his 19 years, Lipton an alumnus of Ardenne High School and now law student, is a self described Conservative and Capitalist. Very unusual for someone who is barely out of the Jamaican education system. He, we assume, belongs to a very small cohort of ring wing thinkers emerging directly from a Jamaican high school. We look forward to his energetic writing and growth in free thinking over the years to come.

Legal Alien– A high school contemporary of Kavon Fiennes, Legal Alien was reunited with Kavon in 2010 after 13 years of not seeing each other, as  Legal Alien now resides abroad. It was his persistence in the last few weeks of 2012 that was the final prompt for the creation of RightFromYaad by Kavon. Legal Alien has strong Christian convictions and though he previously thought himself a Socialist to the core, is transitioning slowly and painfully to “the Right”. He now realizes that his view of politics and economics are in conflict with socialism and more in keeping with capitalism.


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  1. Emma Lewis says:

    Thanks so much for following my blog! Check out my weekly post (Sundays and sometimes Mondays) on news/current affairs in Jamaica. I am also blogging on human rights issues, women’s issues… All the best.

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